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The corn furnace is listed by Underwriters Laboratories as a shelled corn burning unit. The system has a specially designed heavy duty cast iron burn pot for burning pelletized or biomass fuels and grains. Fuel is fed into the bottom of the burner chamber by means of an automatic auger and consumed when reaching the combustion air ports. Residue ash rises up on the incoming fuel and is spilled over the sides of the burner into the ash pan below. This process, in effect, self-cleans the burner chamber.

The forced air furnace incorporates a built-in heat exchanger cleaner that removes any residue ash that accumulates on the heat exchanger tubes. By pulling the heat exchanger scraper all the way out and then back in, residue ash that may have accumulated on the heat exchanger tube falls down into the ash pan. This simple maintenance procedure will keep the forced air furnace running at peak efficiency.

Quality and construction go hand-in-hand to assure you long lasting performance. The corn furnace was designed in order that replacement parts be readily available on a local basis. The auger feed assembly and burner chamber are the only removable components specifically designed for the system. Otherwise, standard high quality readily available furnace components are used.

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Dimensions- Furnace 53"H x 27"W x 46"D
Dimensions- Bin 48"H x 36"W x 52"D
Weight- Furnace 440 lbs.
Weight- Bin 50 lbs.
Plenum Openings 14" square
Heat Exchanger 14 Gauge Steel
Fire Pot Cast Iron
Air Filter 20" x 20" x 1"
Bin Capacity 14 Bushels

Corn Furnace Specifications
Combustion Blower 60 CFM
Hot Air Blower 1/3 hp, 3-Speed
BTU's 100,000 BTU or 150,000 BTU
Thermostat Controlled-Clearance to Combustibles
Top.....32" Front.....30"
Side.....6" Rear.....18"
Manufactured in Right and Left Hand Feed
Price: Furnace unit only 
$3900 100,000 BTU Furnace
$4250 150,000 BTU Furnace