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How does corn compare with other fuel?
One bushel of corn has as many BTU’s as about
5 therms of natural gas,
5 gallons of LP,
3.2 gallons of fuel oil, or
131 kilowatt hours of electricity.

What size units do you have?
100,000 BTU or 150,000 BTU units available.

What size is right for me?
We suggest you look at the size of your existing furnace.

What is the cost? How much is shipping?
For pricing and shipping costs please contact Stateline Corn Burner by email or phone.

What kind of corn do I need to burn?
The units use shelled, whole kernel corn. The best corn is clean and dry (15% or less). Clean corn burns great, but dirty corn with excessive fines and large debris like cobs and stalks may cause some problems. Corn can be purchased from most corn farmers or elevators. Get your bulk corn, screeners and cleaners at Stateline Corn Burners.

Payment options?
We accept cash, check, and money orders. We do not have any financing available at this time.

What all comes included in the price of the unit?
The price is for the corn furnace or corn boiler, hopper and augers. There is no chimney, ductwork, installation or thermostat included. Ask for a list of preferred installers.

Are there any options?
There are no options except for the corn furnace or corn boiler size. 100,000 BTU or 150,000 BTU.

Do I need a chimney for my Corn Furnace or Corn Boiler?
Yes, all units require a 6" class A chimney. This means that it has to have natural draft. We offer power vents for side exhaust.

Can the unit be power vented?
Yes, we offer a power vent for horizontal exhaust.

Can I use an existing brick chimney?
Due to the high acidity of corn exhaust a 6" stainless steel liner needs to be added to any existing brick chimney. We do not suggest venting directly into a brick chimney.

Can I vent the corn furnace or corn boiler with other appliances?
No, you are not allowed to hook any other appliances into the chimney that is venting the corn burner.

Can this tie in with my existing heating system?
Yes, the units are manufactured to either be a stand alone or an add on to an existing system.

Who does the installations?
We suggest you use a local heating contractor for the installation. A professional installation is a requirement for warranty. Ask for our list of preferred installers.

Do you offer different sizes of hoppers?
No, the 14 bushel hopper is the only hopper we offer.

What is the warranty?
The units carry a 1 year electrical warranty and a 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger and fire pot..

Where do I get parts from?
Parts are available through Stateline Corn Burner, LLC.

Are your units compatible with air conditioning?
Yes, the furnaces are A/C ready.

Will I have to clean out clinkers?
No. The units feed the fuel into the bottom and the ashes "boil" over the top of the burn pot and collect in the ash pan. There is a pan that you will need to empty once a week. Empty ash into a metal container and let stand 24 hours before disposing.

Do the units ignite on their own?
No, you‘ll need to ignite the system at the start of the heating season and it will remain lit throughout the season.

How do I ignite the corn?
Fill the pot with corn and then use kindling or fuel pellets to start a fire on top.

How many gallons of water does the boiler hold?
The boiler tank holds 18 gallons of water.

Is the boiler pressurized?
Yes, the boiler is a closed system and operates at 12-15 psi.

What water temperature does the boiler run?
The corn boiler will normally maintain 160-180 degrees. A floor system, will use a mixing valve to bring the water temperature down to the recommended level.

How much corn will these units use?
That is different in every situation, but most homes will use about 250 bushels per heating season. The heating cost calculator will help you figure out your savings.

Are these indoor or outdoor units?
These corn furnace units are indoor units.
The corn boilers are indoor units, but can be installed in an outdoor building and then insulated water lines plumbed into your existing system.

How do I know the unit is safe?
All corn furnace and corn boiler units sold by Stateline Corn Burners, LLC are UL listed.
The corn boiler is listed with an ASME certified boiler tank.