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The corn boiler is approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Using a dual auger drive system to meter the fuel allows for the precise and safe control of combustion.

Fuel is fed into the bottom of the burner chamber by means of an automatic auger and consumed when reaching the combustion air ports. The corn boiler comes in two models, 100,000 BTU or 150,000 BTU .

Quality construction assures you long lasting, efficient performance. The corn boiler is built with parts that most likely can be found locally in the event of needed replacement. The auger feed assembly and burner chamber are the only removable components specifically designed for the system. Otherwise, standard high quality readily available boiler components are used.

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Dimensions- Boiler 61"H x 22" Diameter
Weight- Boiler 510 lbs.
Flue Pipe 6" Diameter
Fire Pot Cast Iron
Dimensions- Bin 48"H x 36"W x 52"D
Weight- Bin 50 lbs.

Corn Boiler Specifications
Bin Capacity 14 Bushels
Combustion Blower 60 CFM
BTU's 100,000
Thermostat Controlled-Clearance to Combustibles 18" from flue connection
Price: Boiler unit only
$4900 100,000 BTU
$5300 150,000 BTU