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Accessories for Corn Furnace & Boilers

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This vacuum system cleans and screens corn as it is transfered from bulk storage to home storage. Rugged 16 ga. steel construction assures many years of service while eliminating dust and fines that could cause plugged augers, extra ash and dirty burning.
System must be powered by a 6 H.P. or larger shop-vac. Hopper holds approximately 2.5 bushels of corn.
Manual Screener
Pour corn thru the screener to remove at least 90% of dust and debris. The 110 volt fan separates debris from the corn as it drops out of the lower chute into your bucket below.
Power Vent
Power vent enables horizontal exhaust of furnace or boiler. 
Bulk Corn Storage Bag
Transfer and store bulk corn in this heavy duty, quality bag. Holds up to 30 bushels of corn keeping it clean, dry and ready for use.
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