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Corn Furnace
The 100,000 or 150,000 BTU furnace system is accompanied by a 14 bushel capacity storage bin. The furnace is thermostatically controlled and has a 80% to 85% efficiency rating. When the thermostat calls for heat, fuel is delivered to the burner chamber from a dual auger feed system.
Corn Boiler 
Great for radiant floor heat systems. The 100,000 or 150,000 BTU boiler unit can easily heat your entire home or out building! The air induced combustion chamber generates 99% burn efficiency for minimal waste residue.
Stateline Corn Burner, LLC
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Welcome to Stateline Corn Burners, LLC

Stateline Corn Burners, LLC is South Central Wisconsin’s premiere corn furnace and corn boiler retailer. Stateline Corn Burners, LLC offers furnaces and boilers that are listed by Underwriters Laboratories. Using a dual auger drive system to meter the fuel allows for the precise and safe control of combustion. The UL listing assures you of a safe and quality product.

Because of todays high energy costs, it just makes sense to burn corn. With a cost less per BTU than other heat sources corn is the alternative heat source of todays economical and ecological homeowner.

These low-maintenance units produce a safe home or outbuilding heating system while benefiting the local economy by generating business for farmers. Your home or shop thermostat electronically controls the fuel feed to provide a constant temperature and shuts down when the fuel supply is depleted. The storage bins hold up to a 10 day supply of fuel which is automatically fed into the combustion chamber. The absence of creosote build up also eliminates the possibility of chimney fires.

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